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Vislabs provides a set of pre-built features for data visualization. Deploy them faster to your product with our experts.

Vislabs - JavaScript diagramming library for building visual apps

Businesses from startups to established SaaS companies develop outstanding products with our JavaScript diagrams

What is Vislabs?

Vislabs is a JavaScript diagram library that helps our experts build and deploy data visualization features for your product faster

Built on top of leading visual technologies

No need to start development from scratch

Enhanced by custom features development

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Projects made with Vislabs

Our JS diagram library supports startups and established SaaS businesses with various use cases that want to manage complex data with interactive diagrams

Conversational platform made with data visualization features from JavaScript diagramming library

Flow diagrams for a chatbot platform

The chatbot platform provider wanted to simplify creating conversational flows. The most urgent need was to present flows as interactive diagrams.

Interactive diagram made with data visualization features from JavaScript diagramming library

Interactive JavaScript diagram for a data discovery platform

The data discovery platform provider wanted to refresh the platform’s front end to improve user experience. They couldn’t show the features on a demo because of their old-fashioned look and poor interactions.

IoT dashboard made with components form JavaScript diagramming library

IoT dashboard for a manufacturing plant

The manufacturing plant wanted to create a front end for their IoT tool that collects sensor data to present them in an easy-to-manage way.

Workflow editor built with JavaScript diagramming library for improving building process of automotive products

Workflow editor for a product configurator

The automotive safety systems producer wanted to improve their product configurator. They didn’t have a workflow editor, that could organize process of creating a specific vehicle’s part and provide a list of all requirements needed to create it.

How does our JavaScript diagram library work?

Vislabs speeds up the product development cycle with ready-to-use features and code architecture built on various delivered use cases

Pre-built features

Develop visualizations for your product faster with ready-to-use features that you can reuse in various projects

Tested code architecture

Build your product on ready-to-use code architecture built on similar use cases to you project

Discover pre-built features

Take advantage of 44 pre-built data visualization features ready to deploy to your product, no matter what tech stack you use

Real-time collaboration

Work on canvas with team members in real-time, thanks to an intuitive collaboration environment

JavaScript diagram library: real-time collaboration feature

Custom diagram objects

Determine the interface and the elements on a palette and easily pick them from a contex menu onto the canvas

JavaScript diagram library: customizable context menu for diagram's objects

Comprehensive dashboards

Track, display, and analyze metrics and critical data points in one place to make quick and data-driven decisions

JavaScript diagram library: dashboard with various widgets

Automatic layouts

Clean up the way the content on your diagrams is laid out and make them easier to read with just a few clicks

JavaScript diagram library: automatic layouts feature

Advanced animations

Use advanced animations to illustrate progression and see how data changes within periods

Drag & drop objects

Select pre-defined objects or sections, move them to the desired location, and drop them there

JavaScript diagram library: drag & drop feature for building diagrams
JavaScript diagram library: nodes and links for building diagrams

Nodes & links

Present data through nodes and add links to show relationships between them

JavaScript diagram library: nodes that you can group


Group nodes to keep your data in order

JavaScript diagram library: a node with context menu

Context menu

Define context menu for any object and use shortcuts to fasten actions

JavaScript diagram library: Undo and Redo Manager


Undo and redo your actions on canvas and reverse as many actions as you want

JavaScript diagram library: drill down feature

Drill down

Nest diagrams in nodes of a bigger diagram and delve deeper into correlations within big datasets

JavaScript diagram library: snaplines for accurate composing objects on a diagram


Compose objects within diagrams accurately and aesthetically

Need more features?

We’ll create and adjust them to your business need. Reach out to Łukasz – a VP of Engineering and the library’s architect, and discuss your specific feature requirements.

Łukasz Jażwa - VP of Engineering at Synergy Codes
Łukasz Jaźwa,
VP of Engineering

Code architecture for your use case

For over 12 years, we have written code architecture with key functionalities for various use cases. Leverage it for your project and cut its time to market.


Data lineage

Product & process configurator



Real-time data monitoring

Organizational charts

Process mining

Workflow management


Audiovisual systems design

Knowledge management

“They demonstrated exceptional technical skills, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of user experience. […] They kept us informed at every stage, promptly adressed our concerns, and ensured a smooth collaboration from start to finish.”

Alex Kuo

CEO, Riversoft

“I really recommend them […]. Their expertise in leveraging our library to its fullest potential has truly impressed me. I am grateful for the collaboration and the exceptional results they have achieved using React Flow.”

Moritz Klack

Co-founder, React Flow

“They are unparalleled in creating visual collaborative apps, making them top choice in the market. Their knowledge, professionalism, and how they leverage Yjs library left me really impressed.”

Kevin Jahns

Creator of Yjs

“[…] They’re very good at capturing our needs. Their analysts have added value to our project through not only understanding our needs, but by proposing better ideas where they’re able to. […]. They always try to improve the process of delivery and development, as well as the quality of the code / product developed.”

Vincent Lapointe

Porduct Manager, OPAL-RT Technologies

Meet the team

We are a team of data visualization developers and creative designers. We pursue to make working with data as easy as possible by delivering an exceptional user experience. And Vislabs reflects this idea.

The team that stands behind our JavaScript diagramming library

Enhance your product with the JavaScript diagramming library

Save time and reduce the costs of creating features from scratch. Try our library and improve your product with data visualization features.

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